Miura Series 57 K-Grind wedge

Miura Series 57 K-Grind wedge
Price: $319.00
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The Miura K-Grind wedge was designed to dig deeper on those tough rough shots, deep bunker shots, or getting out of mud or wet sand. The contoured grind is specially designed to do just that, but doesn't take away from normal play where excellent performance and feel are expected from anything Miura.

The K-Grind has low overall bounce ratings, which you would think would work against the hitting out of the sand theory, but in fact the contoured design makes up for that lower bounce. And since you have a lower bounce, it's playable on the fairway as well, making it an all around use anywhere wedge.

The K-Grind is more designed for the golfer that doesn't want to fuss with what bounce to consider while playing.
 Loft 52* 56* 60*
 Bounce Angle 7* 12* 13*