Miura Series 57 C-Grind wedge

Miura Series 57 C-Grind wedge
Price: $319.00
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The Miura C-Grind wedges are your sand and lob wedges. Described by many as a "bunker killer", the C-grind wedge is just what you need to finish off your Miura set.

The Miura C-Grind wedge is designed with mid/high bounce. It's not the highest bounce wedge out there, which makes it optimal for most levels of play. It's available with any shaft on the market. If you don't see the shaft you'd like, please give us a call at 888-462-2064 and we'll find it for you.
 Lie 63.5*
 Loft 55* 57* 59*
 Offset 0.35 -1.15 -1.65
 Bounce Angle 12 14 15