Miura Series 57 Y-Grind wedge

Miura Series 57 Y-Grind wedge
Price: $319.00
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The Miura Y-Grind wedges are your gap wedges. Perfect for squeezing the ball into a tight spot and getting just the roll back you're looking for. Nice and forgiving, with a solid contact on the ball that will make you want to mulligan even a good shot.

The Miura Y-Grind Wedge is available with any shaft on the market. If you don't see the shaft you'd like, please give us a call at 888-462-2064 and we'll find it for you.
 Lie 63.5*
 Loft  49*  51*  53*  60*
 Offset  1.85  0.85  -0.15  0.025
 Bounce Angle  7  9  11  7